William (Bill) S. Bernard

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William (Bill) S. Bernard
Residing In: Beverly Hills, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Lisa
Occupation: Retired
Children: Shawn Paul Bernard - Born 1978
Craig Nolan Bernard - Born 1980
Charles Aaron Bernard - Born More…1981
Jason Edward Galbraith - Stepson - Born 1975
Todd Albert Galbraith - Stepson - Born 1983
Yes! Attending Reunion
How did you find crossland1969.com ?

Gary Doyle



Date Married:

November 20, 1995

How/Where did you meet your Spouse/Partner:

State Police Bowling Team


Hailey Elizabeth Galbraith - Born 2006
Ryan Edward Galbraith - Born 2008
Sophia Elayna Galbraith - Born 2008
Cooper Rayden Galbraith - Born 2012 (My little man)

What have you and your family been doing since graduation:

I joined Maryland State Police in 1972. Retired as Lieutenant in 1997, went to Spring Hill Florida for a year and returned to Maryland as a State Police medevac helicopter pilot. I have 43 1/2 total years in the State Police with 35 years in the Aviation Command. I started as a paramedic in the Aviation Command in 1977 and became a pilot in 1983. The majority of our missions are medevacs to Shock Trauma Centers around the State. We also do search and rescue, hoisting, law enforcement, homeland securty, disaster assessment, etc. It has been an exciting and rewarding career. There is absolutely nothing more gratifying than being involved in saving someone’s life. Lisa and I spend most of our free time loving our grandchildren. They are truly fantastic. In February 2015 we built a beautiful and large retirement home in Beverly Hills Florida and we go back and forth every month for 10 days or so using up my saved vacation time.

School Story:
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Toilet papering people's houses. Even carried by Gary Doyle when leg was broken.We always rode in his Corvair convertible.He was my best friend at Crossland. Ginny Walsh and Iris Heissenbuttel toilet papered my house. Gary and I did Spanish Teacher Jack Smyth's car. Studying for Chemistry at Bob Bosler's house. Dunking basketballs at the 9 foot baskets at the elementary school with Nick Mona and Laddie Prohaska, Phil Taylor and others. Spending the summer after graduation at the Andrews Officer Club pool with Liza Lutz and Doug Sills. Doug was killed later that year in a car accident. Gary, Ginny, Dave, Nick, Doug, Liza, Candy,Bev, Brenda,Sandy, Donna, Iris, Bob, Jack, Doug, John, Cindy, Connie, and everyone else. I have missed you all and many times after high school wished I was back there again with all of you.

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Bill Bernard

 In the 1990s I was a helicopter pilot who worked part time for Mike at Fredom Air.  Years later Mike joined the Maryland State Police as a civilian helicopter pilot and  eventually became the Chief Pilot and I was his boss as the Director of Flight Operations. We enjoyed a great working relationship and friendship even years after retirement. We spoke just about every week even though I had moved to Florida six years ago. Mike was one if the most generous people i have ever known. Whether it was giving to Toys for Tots or helping friends, Mike was always there. Mike was an aviator for his entire adult life. He was a contract designated examiner for the  FAA, was the helicopter pilot in the movie "Die Hard with a Vengeance", flew in the movie "True Lies", and lived to fly.  Mike and I would often talk about classmates that had died too soon and hoped we had years ahead. I would tease him that he was months older than me. Never did I think that one of us would pass so soon. I wish I had one more chance to speak to him again.  Mike died duuring emergency surgery for an intestinal rupture. Prior to going into surgery he was upbeat and joking with his family. His death was totally unexpected and not the result of a lengthy illness. During the days since his death, I listen to his voicemails on my phone. I miss him and my wife and I are driving from Florida for his funeral to express our confolences to friends, family, and his wife Alma. I urge my fellow classmates to reach out to those who are important in your lives.  We are all over 70 and time is precious.  I am glad that Mike knew he was my good friend and I am grateful for our years. If I had to bet, Mike is teaching new angels how to fly.



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Bill Bernatd


I was in Mr Howie's POD class  Throughout my life I have quoted him dozens of times on what he told my class on one of our kast days iof school.  He told us to look around at our classmates and understand that we will never forget or have the relationships like we have with our graduating class.  He was right.He was a great guy who taught us and also passed on his wisdom. Thank you Mr. Howie.



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